APACALL Webinar 2021

This webinar explores trends, issues, and challenges we face in computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and technology-enhanced language teaching (TELT). It is designed to support you in understanding and implementing CALL and TELT and developing your research strengths.

Date & Time: Fri, 9 April 2021, 10:30 am - 6:00 pm AEST
Format: Live online (a Zoom link to be sent to those who register)
Presentation Type: A 15-minute Live Talk + 5-minute Q & A for each session


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[Important Dates]

Call for Proposals: 15 February - 15 March 2021
>>>>> Download the Call for Proposals (PDF)
Free registration: 1 March - 31 March 2021 -- Extended to 6 April 2021, 12:00 noon AEST
Notification of review results: 25 March 2021
Full program publication: 2 April 2021
Live webinar: 9 April 2021

[Invited Speakers]

Phil Hubbard

Helping language students learn independently: Focus on technology-mediated listening

Online resources are useful for developing listening skills, but language learners face challenges utilizing them effectively on their own: finding appropriate materials, controlling tools to aid comprehension, and determining paths that support learning. I demonstrate how teachers can help students overcome these challenges, using examples from an advanced listening course.

Claire Bradin Siskin

How do you see CALL?

CALL specialists tend to perceive CALL very differently than do language teachers, students, administrators, and technical support staff. There are varying perspectives among CALL practitioners themselves. The presenter will explore issues of misperception and suggest a path toward a more useful and constructive approach to our profession.

Vance Stevens

Engaging teachers and learners through the EVO Minecraft MOOC community

The speaker founded the EVO Minecraft MOOC community of practice in 2015 as a way to help teachers learn Minecraft through collaborative projects with peers. Lately, young learners have become markedly more involved with EVOMC. This talk discusses various ways we engage and learn from our younger community members.


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